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Birth Injuries Can Create Lifetime Costs

Birth injury malpractice is the failure of an obstetrician to properly perform his or her duties; i.e. failure to administer blood tests to detect abnormalities that can result in death or serious injury to both the mother and fetus; or failure to properly manage the labor and delivery process.

If a mother or newborn suffers birth injuries due to the negligence of medical professionals, it may be cause to file a malpractice lawsuit. Common injuries that result from medical negligence during child birth include:

  • Brain injuries due to oxygen deprivation, which can result from umbilical cord issues or other complications
  • Fractures, often to the clavicle, which occurs when a physician pulls too hard on a newborn while in the breech position.
  • Facial paralysis may occur if too much pressure is placed on a newborn’s face during delivery. This may clear up within a few weeks after a baby is born or it could be permanent.
  • Brachial palsy, including Erb’s palsy, often occurs when an infant’s shoulders are trapped in the mother’s pelvic bone during delivery.

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Medical malpractice attorney James I. Devine can help you learn about your possible claims and pursuing viable claims. Pennsylvania statutes of limitations bar the filing of claims after a certain period of time following the negligent act, so it is important to contact Mr. Devine promptly. For more information on a birth trauma claim, contact the firm in Norristown at 610-292-9300 or contact us online.

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