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Brain Injuries May Be Cause For Legal Action

The prevalence of brain injuries in the sports world has increased awareness of the seriousness of this health problem. In fact, brain injuries are a leading cause of disability in the United States. People can suffer brain injuries over time, like football players, or in a single incident, such as a car accident or a medical procedure in which errors are made that cut off oxygen to the brain.

Infant brain injury may result from a variety of causes, both non-traumatic and traumatic. Oxygen deprivation or insufficiency during birth is one cause of infant brain injury. This may result from failure to perform an emergency C-section in a timely fashion. Another cause of brain injury is the improper use of medical instruments such as forceps or vacuum extraction devices. The issue of the cause of an infant’s brain injury requires careful analysis by an experienced medical expert to review the pertinent records and supply an opinion with reasonable medical certainty of the cause of the infant’s brain injury.

Brain Injuries And Malpractice Cases

The Law Office of James I. Devine in Norristown represents individuals and their families when a brain injury occurs due to someone’s negligence. These cases are extremely complex and usually aggressively defended. It is critical to work with a lawyer like Mr. Devine, who is proven capable of successfully pursuing full compensation for victims of medical negligence.

Mr. Devine works with highly regarded medical professionals who will explain in court or pretrial negotiations how a brain injury occurs and the debilitating effects it has on an individual’s life.

Brain Injuries In Accidents

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a medical phrase used to describe damage to the brain suffered by a sudden impact or physical force to the head. Essentially, the human brain floats in a fluid substance called cerebrospinal fluid. TBI can result when the force of momentum causes the brain to impact against the skull.

This type of injury, which may result from hitting your head on a windshield, pavement or object, is frequently referred to as a “closed-head injury.” Whiplash can also cause TBI. These closed-head injuries can result in lasting physical and mental problems. The firm represents clients in a wide variety of brain injury cases.

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